How do I set up a CDN CNAME?

A CDN CNAME allows you to use your domain in file URLs instead of the default one Setting up a CDN CNAME requires some manual actions from both parties. 

1. Pick a domain name that you want to use (e.g., and let us know your choice.

2. We’ll tell you the domain name your CNAME should point to. E.g.:

3. Add a CNAME record to your DNS zone, e.g.: CNAME

If you use Cloudflare, make sure proxying through Cloudflare is turned off for this record. Otherwise, we can't guarantee stable content delivery.

4. We'll configure the domain on our end and issue SSL certificates, so you don’t need to provide your ones. This usually takes 1-2 business days. Once everything is set up, and DNS changes have propagated, we'll notify you.

5. Configure your widgets to return proper URLs. E.g.:


6. Replace hostname in URLs of already uploaded files served by your app. We recommend having an easily configurable setting over the hard-coding hostname of your URLs.

This feature is available on paid plans only for $10/mo per domain. The professional plan comes with 1 CDN CNAME included.

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