How do I download all files?

There is no out-of-the-box method to download all files, but it's possible with Uploadcare Python library. Ucare sync is a part of the library and it can be used for bulk downloading. Here is an instruction on how to use the ucare tool.
You need to have Python installed on your computer. You can find detailed installation guides here. Python has a number of great tools for isolation, one of the best is  virtualenv that comes along with pip, a standard for Python package managing. Install pip (locally or globally) if you don't have it yet.
  1. $ pip install virtualenv
  2. $ virtualenv pyuploadcare # creates and activates a new environment
  3. $ source pyuploadcare/bin/activate
  4. $ pip install pyuploadcare # installs the library with all dependencies
  5. $ ucare sync --help # optional
  6. $ ucare --pub_key demopublickey --secret demoprivatekey sync './local_uc/${uuid}/${filename}' # will sync your remote project with public key demopublickey with local directory local_uc.

By default, ucare sync command returns 100 files maximum. If you need to sync more files, use the limit parameter to specify the number of files to download:

$ ucare --pub_key demopublickey --secret demoprivatekey sync './local_uc/${uuid}/${filename}' --limit 1000

Don't forget to change demopublickey and demoprivatekey to your actual public/private keys.

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