Can I upload files directly to my server?

No. Uploadcare is an ecosystem of a file upload API, file storage, and content delivery network. Uploaded files get saved to our storage and immediately become available on our CDN. If your use case doesn't require content distribution, and you'd like to host uploaded files in different storage, there are two ways to transfer your files from uploadcare:

  1. We support direct integration with AWS S3. It allows you to connect your S3 bucket to an Uloadcare project and copy files from Uploadcaere to S3 via REST API. Alternatively, you can enable the auto-copy feature, and every newly uploaded file will be copied to your bucket automatically. We won't count CDN traffic in this case.
  2. If you use other file storage solutions than AWS, you'll have to pull files from our CDN to your server. This may require you to implement the process from scratch as we don't offer an out-of-the-box solution for this scenario. CDN traffic will be counted if such integration is set up.
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