Why upload button doesn't appear on my page?

If you have the uploader installed, but the upload button doesn't appear on your or your user's page, there could be a few reasons for this issue.

1. The uploader hasn't been installed properly. To make sure everything is set up correctly, open the browser's console and type uploadcare. You should see the following:

If you see an error reading Uncaught ReferenceError: uploadcare is not defined, most likely, there's a typo in your installation script. Follow the installation guide to fix the problem.

2. The browser can't access https://ucarecdn.com and load the uploader from the CDN. Access may be blocked by a third-party app or browser extension such as an ad blocker, proxy, antivirus, or VPN. Also, access to the resource may be blocked by your network administrator on the organization level. In the browser's console, you'll see the following error

To fix this problem, add ucarecdn.com to the allow list of your adblocker, VPN, or antivirus software. If the domain is blocked by your/user's firewall, you should contact the network administrator and ask them to allow the ucarecdn.com domain in network settings. If this is now possible for any reason, contact us at help@uploadcare.com.

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