Where do I get my API keys?

Each project in your Uploadcare account has a unique public API key, and you can create as many secret API keys as you need. 

A public key is used as a unique project identifier and is required to upload files. A Secret key is required when using Uploadcare REST API and related features such as Secure Uploads & Delivery, Video Encoding, Document Conversion, etc.

API keys can be obtained from the dashboard. On the dashboard, open a project and head to API keys in the left menu.

A public key is always visible, and you can copy it right away or at any time later. To create a secret API key, click Add secret key

To reveal the secret key, click Show Key.

Download and save the key on your end. Otherwise, you won't be able to reveal it again, so you must create a new one. We encourage you to use secure storage or a password manager such as 1Password, Bitwarden, Dashlane, etc.

A secret key can be viewed only once. Make sure you save the key on your end.

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