My images disappeared

If you see the following placeholder instead of an image on your website/in your application, there could be a few reasons for this.

  • If you're on a free plan and you have exceeded your monthly CDN traffic quota, our system disables CDN delivery on your account until the start of the new billing period. Check your usage stats and upgrade to a paid plan if needed.
  • Your account is unpaid. In this case, file uploading and delivery are blocked on your account, so all your file CDN URLs will return "File not found". You can check your subscription status on the Plan page of the dashboard.
  • The file (or a project the file belongs to) has been deleted. You can check the state of a file via a request to Uploadcare REST API: removed files have a date in the datetime_removed field.
  • Uploadcare is experiencing an outage. In this case, we receive a notification from our monitoring system, and our engineers start fixing the problem immediately. Check our status page for more information on the problem and a resolution ETA.

If none of the above applies, contact us at

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