How do I migrate files to Uploadcare?

Uploadcare provides Migro, a tool for migrations via the From URL method. Migro helps you migrate to Uploadcare from other cloud file management services like Filestack, Cloudinary, etc. Currently, we support migrating from Filestack, but you can migrate from other services too: you'll just need to provide your file URLs for import.

Migro requires Python 3.5 to run. You will also need a public API key for your Uploadcare project and a list of files to be migrated.

The migration itself is fairly simple: you provide a list of file URLs or Filestack file handles, and Migro uploads them to your Uploadcare project. Migro does not download any files. It makes use of the Upload API. Specifically, it utilizes the From URL method.  As a result, you'll get a listing of URLs of all the uploaded files. For every processed file, you'll also get its status and errors, in case there were any.

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