What is Adaptive Delivery?

Adaptive Delivery is a proprietary technology that adapts images to user context: screen size, browser, location, and other parameters. It speeds up page loading and provides a better user experience on all devices without any coding.

It's a leap forward in a Responsive Image technology that traditionally uses srcset image attribute and viewport browser data. With Adaptive Delivery, all optimizations are done momentarily at the time of a user image request in a certain context.

To integrate Adaptive Delivery on your website, you will need to install a tiny JS library and add a special attribute to your image elements in order to provide source image URLs to the library. Adaptive Delivery will take care of the rest in terms of image optimization. It will go through your image elements, generate proper CDN URLs with optimization operations based on the context, and set them as image sources on the elements.

This article explains how Adaptive Delivery works and provides a step-by-step integration tutorial.

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